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Private wealth management


Main objectives & advice

Private management services are tailored to individuals who prefer to rely on professionals for addressing issues related to their assets, properties, finances, and social affairs in the areas of law, taxation, and transfer.


These services are based on high-end asset engineering solutions that are specifically designed to meet clients' needs during significant life events such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and retirement, as well as business transactions like acquisition, IPO, and sale.


All asset classes are represented, with no exclusions resulting from internal constraints. Private management services offer an opportunity for individuals to delegate the management of their portfolio to a specialized company, with an allocation guided by their risk profile and time horizon, rather than solely focusing on the pursuit of yield as a performance indicator.



You will carry out an in-depth assessment of your
asset situation and define your future objectives
in collaboration with a wealth advisor.


You will build a scalable strategy,

depending on your needs in the short, medium
and long term.


You will restructure your assets based
on the recommendations of your advisor.


You will ensure continuous monitoring of your assets through personalized regular reviews.


Am I ready for retirement?

After a busy working life, it may be time to devote yourself to new projects andto take advantage of your time.

What does the future  hold
for my children?

Do you want your children to be best prepared to the challenges that await them?


And when I'm no longer there?

Pass on your assets to your beneficiaries to help them in their projects.

The world is unpredictable, has the time to sell my business come?

Selling the business you've made a success of is always a tough decision. We support you in making the right choices.


What are your priorities?

Tell us more about what's important to you.
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