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Hexagone Capital welcomes candidates from renowned business schools and universities.
We are also particularly sensitive to atypical profiles.​ Do not hesitate to come and ask us
questions and send us your CV and cover letter.

Contact us by emai

What I expect from an adviser is maturity, empathy, a great capacity for critical thinking and a great deal of ambition. To help him or her grow, I will personally engage in the latter's mentorship, while being awarded significant level of freedom with his clients."

Antoine Bagni, Managing Partner


Hexagone Capital is looking for :

Students looking for an internship of 3 to 6 months.  

Young graduates looking for a first job as Business Development Manager


Junior advisors (2-3 years of experience)


Senior advisors (> 8 years of experience)



We attach a great importance to the quality of your CV and your cover letter. The latter must
embody your ability to become a consultant. It must be clear, structured, synthetic and must highlight your motivation
and the adequacy of your curriculum with our business, our skills and our customers.

Evolve with Hexagone Capital


Damien Soler

Partner & CHRO

"At Hexagone Capital, the individual is our main resource"

It is for this reason that we are constantly on the lookout for new talents to join us and support our clients all over the world.


Oscar Lacroix

Partner & Area manager

"Think about today and prepare tomorrow"

You never know when a simple moment and a few sincere words from me can have an major impact on someone's life.

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