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Alternative Investments

A properly structured wealth is not limited to a single investment, a single rate of return or a single investment structure.  

At Hexagone Capital, we are convinced that the need for diversification is essential.

Faced with the growing need for meaningful investments that our clients request for the management of their assets, we provide them with tools that perfectly meet their needs for assets diversification.


Grands crus

Grands Crus always had a place in some ones portfolio.


In addition to being a personal pleasure investment, this asset mainly sees growth thanks to two natural phenomena: it becomes scarce and improves over time. 

Crypto assets

Crypto-assets have taken a prominent place in the global financial landscape. Although still very volatile, their growth potential is a prime opportunity for a portion of your portfolio.

Private equity

Private equity helps finance the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.


In return for the immobilization of capital, the return on this asset class is generally higher than that of the listed companies. 



Forestry investments perfectly meet the requirements of the 21st century.  


This ecological investment is not very capital intensive, provides regular returns as well as an attractive tax regime.

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