Our Expertises

Real-Estate investment

In a constantly changing world, real-estate remains the essential foundation of every wealth generation. We offer relevant, innovative and exclusive real estate solutions in an evolving market.

The Hexagone Capital team makes use of its real estate investment experience  in order to offer solutions ensuring effective protection against inflation and decent yields in a low interest rate environment.

We put our expertise at the service of our expatriates clients and offer you assistance in the financing process through our banking partners.


New Real Estate

Acquire furnished accommodation to benefit from an advantageous tax regime.



Benefit from stable income from real estate via delegated management made by professionals.


Old real estate

Take advantage of our property scouting service and the opportunities offered by the real estate market to build heritage. 


Real-Estate Brokerage

We support expatriates from all over the world on acquiring and financing real-estate from abroad.

We find the right contacts to provide you with a tailor-made financing solution in order to maximize the chances of success by putting together a complete loan application file.