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What's a REITs ?

A REITs (real-estate investment trust) aims to distribute income to its partners.

With the money of savers, the SCPI acquires real estate: offices, shops, warehouses, car parks, hotels.

These buildings are let to professionals who pay rent. These rents are paid to each saver in proportion to their investment in the SCPI.

  • REITs allow good diversification

  • Management is carried out by a professional

  • The risk is pooled over a large portfolio

  • This investment shows very good profitability

Why Efimmo?​

1.  The best performance on the market  : + 4.97% / year

2. A diversified heritage  : invested in France and a capitalization of € 1,480 million

3.  A diluted rental risk  : building occupancy rate greater than 95%

4.  Invest with Confidence  : Efimmo makes the best SCPIs according to the IEIF.

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