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Luxembourg Security

Luxembourg is the EU's center of excellence for distribution of
cross-border financial vehicles.

Hexagone Capital is proud to offer its private clients some of the world's most recognized investment products, thanks to its strategic partnerships with the largest institutions in Luxembourg. Our offerings include unique levels of investor protection, an AAA rating, and international portability.

Luxembourg is a premier destination for asset protection, boasting a strong financial center in Europe and a favorable tax system, as well as a stable business and political environment. Many foreign investors choose to manage their assets in this country, benefiting from a wide range of financial services provided by experienced specialists who offer valuable information on tax reduction and asset protection methods.

Luxembourg strictly adheres to international and European standards, providing an advanced and secure framework that guarantees maximum protection to customers. This is made possible through its Triangle of Security, which is unique in Europe. At Hexagone Capital, we are proud to offer our private clients the benefits of investing in Luxembourg and its exceptional financial services.

The triangle has three elements:

1. The regulator must approve the choice of the insurer's custodian bank and can freeze the assets of a life insurance company in the event of risk.

2. A tripartite agreement between the insurance company, the regulator and the custodian bank specifies that the custody of assets is governed by all three parties. In addition, assets related to life insurance contracts should be segregated from other assets of insurance companies and deposited in a separate bank account.

3. The custodian bank must also segregate assets related to life insurance contracts from other assets.

Commissioner of
Insurance  (CAA)

Insurance companies

Custodian bank

In addition to the security triangle, Luxembourg also benefits from the 'Super privilege' guarantee. This guarantees the subscribers of a life insurance contract in Luxembourg a priority right over all the other parties involved in the event of default.​

In accordance with your needs and the characteristics of your assets, our investment strategies are easily adapted for long-term peace of mind.

For more details on possible investments, we invite you to contact our financial advisers.

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